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Jones Airways, LLC

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Welcome to Jones Airways

Based in Cleveland, Tennessee, Jones Airways provides superior business class aviation charter services through Priester Aviation for clients around the nation. If you would like information beyond that which is available on this website, contact Patrick Butler at Jones Airways using the information to the right.

All airplanes operated by Priester Aviation

Aircraft Fleet

  • Aircraft Features
  • 14
  • 1,218 cu ft, 6.2ft(h)
  • 127 cu ft
  • 4,000
  • 580 mph
  • $5,500
  • Aircraft Amenities

N454AJ - Falcon 900

The Vessel

janie jones designer

Janie P. Jones, Designer

The Falcon 900 is a large cabin jet that provides outstanding value for domestic and trans-atlantic air travelers. With space for 14 adults, domestic/trans-atlantic wifi, and a range of 4,000 miles, the aircraft is ideal for domestic and trans-atlantic flights. The Falcon 900's cruising speed is 580 mph.

A fabulous 900, with rich Ralph Lauren type leather and fabrics designed by Janie P. Jones. The the very latest and fastest GoGo internet combined with Honeywell's new cabin management system. More than $2.2 million spend on upgrades and interior including a LED lighting system. Mrs. Jones wanted to create soft lighting like the warmth of a den, so she included a rarely seen lamp onboard. This is combine with the extremely rare Karelian Birch Burl wood that can be only found in parts of Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia. The lighting is designed to relax you at 40,000 feet while the falcon 3 engines provide extra safety over a Gulfstream and with the extra sound proofing, this may be the quietest 900 on the plant.  

The Quarters

The Falcon 900 is equipped with a flight phone, full galley, 13 power outlets, forward and aft lavatory. Business and leisure travelers find the Falcon 900 well equipped for their travel needs.

  • Aircraft Features
  • 9
  • 422 cu ft, 5.7ft(h)
  • 180 cu ft
  • 3,200
  • 530 mph
  • $3,700
  • Aircraft Amenities

N450AJ - Citation Excel

The Vessel

Uniting comfort and class the Citation Excel is exceptionally well equipped with a luxurious 9 seat interior, an extensive, top of the line entertainment system with large LCD monitors, Flight Phone, DVD player and CD player. With a 1,800 mile range and airspeed of 530 mph make it an ideal aircraft for travel. This plane features a king ranch style interior and the latest and fastest Go Go internet.

The Quarters

The Citation Excel's spacious cabin seats up to 9 adults and includes such luxurious amenities as a mini galley, flight phone, DVD player, CD player, and wifi.

  • Aircraft Features
  • 5
  • 10 cu ft
  • 1,120
  • 240 mph

N64LM - Beachcraft Baron 58

The Vessel

Epitomizing class, comfort and security this 5-passenger Beech Baron 58 is perfect for short hops around the country. Brand new engines, brand new interior and updated electronics. One of the finest Beechcraft Baron 58s anywhere.

The Quarters

The Baron has a custom designed interior designed by Patrick Butler, complete with leather seats.