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Based in Cleveland, Tennessee, Jones Airways provides superior business class aviation charter services through AirShare for clients around the nation.

To learn more, contact Patrick Butler, Director of Aviation.

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Patrick Butler, Director of Aviation

Phone: 423-595-3790

Email: info@jonesairways.com

Fax: 423-472-0874

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N454AJ - Falcon 900

Aircraft Features/Specs

The Falcon 900 is a large cabin jet that provides outstanding value for domestic and transatlantic air travelers. With space for 14 adults, domestic/transatlantic wifi, and a range of 4,000 miles, the Falcon 900 cruises at 580 mph.


  1,218 cu ft, 6.2ft(h)

127 cu ft


  580 mph


Aircraft Amenities

Janie P. Jones

Featuring rich Ralph Lauren-type leather and fabrics designed by Janie P. Jones, Jones Airlines’ Falcon 900 includes the latest and fastest Gogo internet combined with Honeywell's new cabin management system. More than $2.2 million was spent on upgrades to the interior, including a custom LED lighting system. To create the same soft lighting found in a home den, Mrs. Jones included a lamp onboard—an uncommon sight on any aircraft. Combined with exceptionally rare Karelian birch burl wood that is found only in parts of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, the Falcon 900 makes flying at 40,000 feet a complete luxury experience. And with additional soundproofing and three powerful engines, this may be the quietest and safest 900 on the planet.